Top Achievements and Unlockables in Titanfall

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Titanfall doesn’t rely on cheats to get you ahead in the game as much as it has a clearly developed system of bonuses and rewards that you can acquire to help you enhance your play. The creators of Call of Duty learned from that game and made a structure that covers most of what people would have created a cheat for, this is one of the reasons Titanfall is so popular. It is one of the few games out where you can play without cheating and not suffer or lose out on the actual game experience.

What are Achievements and Unlockables?

Understanding the difference between the achievements and unlockables in Titanfall will help you avoid getting frustrated. The first thing to understand is that while both of them happen in the game, the achievements are aimed more at giving you bonus points and rewards within the Xbox Live environment than just the game. The unlockables are level bonuses that don’t apply to outside of the Titanfall world. With the achievements, you have to reach certain milestones in the game play and then are awarded Gamerscore points.

These points go into your central profile account; they aren’t just tied to your character. You can then use these points within the Xbox Live environment, and in Titanfall. The unlockables are bonuses that you can access upon reaching certain levels. One of the mistakes that players make is not to check out what bonuses are available and to skip them. There is everything from extra weapons available to power ups for your Titan and more. These bonuses can help you to get the achievements as well.

Top 3 Achievements

The purpose of the achievements is to unlock additional Xbox Live Gamerscore points. The purpose of the Gamerscore points is that you can convert them to prizes, bonuses and even discounts on in game and store purchases.

  1. I like a Challenge – worth 50 points, gained for completing all challenges.
  2. My Generation – worth 50 points, gained for becoming a second generation pilot.
  3. Maxed Out – worth 50 points, gained by reaching level 50.

Top 3 Unlockables

The unlockables are also known as the Level Bonuses. Every time you complete a level and enter into a new one, you have the option to unlock the level bonus. Here is a hint. All of the level bonuses will help you achieve that level. You can also get the level bonus and carry it back to a lower level using the regeneration option.

  1. Level 7 – Arc Grenade and Burn Card Slot.
  2. Level 15 – Custom pilot loadout.
  3. Level 32 – Multi-missile system.

The Regeneration Option

You may have noticed an option for regeneration that is greyed out. If you complete all of the assignments and reach a level of 50, the option becomes active. When you click on it, you will regenerate to the very beginning of the game – but you will keep all of your stats and inventory.


Top 5 Cheats for Watchdog on the Xbox One

watchdog screenshot

Watchdog is one of the most popular games on Xbox One, and if you've never played it, check out this review. It combines puzzles, mystery, driving and shooting to create a fast and furious game environment. As you and your team race to control the grid in your area of the city, you have to fight off some enemies and trick others. Using cheats can be a fast way to get you to the strength and skill level you need to be successful, while making sure you have the right weapons too.

One of the best ways to be successful at Watchdogs in Xbox One is not to play blindly. That can be fun for a bit, but not only will the game become frustrating, but you will miss the real experience by blasting by opportunities that you won’t recognize. Take the time to plan an approach with your team and use the communications options while in play to succeed.

Cheat #1 – Winning the Shell Game

Winning at the shell game can be one of the most frustrating things to do in Watchdog, but it is essential. This cheat is surprising because it is one of the few that makes use of a hardware glitch to reveal the solution. Open up your display settings and crank the brightness as high as it can go. Then start to play the shell game, as soon as the shells move, pause the game. Due to the enhanced brightness you will see the rendering of the ball under the shell on the screen.

Cheat #2 – The Black Hat Trick

Getting the black hat trick can unleash a whole new level of hacking access. To claim it you have to kill 3 of the enemies with a single IED attack. Do it successfully and you will get the hat trick, which is worth a hefty 30 points.

Cheat #3 – Geolocated

Another easy way to claim 30 points is to get geolocated. All you have to do is make sure that you check into every hotspot you can find. It’s not hard to do, but during the excitement of the game it can be something you can overlook.

Cheat #4 – Destroyer Sniper Rifle

The Destroyer Sniper Rifle is one of the core weapons you need to advance through the area and accomplish your mission. The range and accuracy provided by the scope will let you get to where you are going, and stop attacks before they can cause any damage with ease. Getting the Destroyer Sniper Rifle is easy, if you can stop 10 criminal convoys. Usually, at this point in the game, all you have is a chrome revolver and your intelligence to help you.

Cheat #5 – Wildfire Assault Rifle

The Wildfire Assault Rifle is necessary when you reach the stage where you need to go on the offensive to beat the clock and get to the grid controls in order to control the city without having to waste time with a lot of subterfuge. Solve 6 missing person’s cases and you own it.

Play Minecraft for Free and Create Your Own World


Minecraft is a sandbox indie game that was developed by Markus Persson, a.k.a. “Notch”, and published by Mojang. Before Notch had developed this game, he quit his job at an established games developer to start his own company. He came along an indie game blog and got some ideas for his new game. He got the idea from a game called Infiniminer where players are required to collect resources while exploring a randomly generated landscape. After playing the game he found that it had great potential and hence decided on his venture. Notch’s original idea was not fully featured as the Minecraft we play today but its backbone is more or less the same. Naturally, the game has received many awards and has been quite popular over the world. You can play Minecraft for free from your browser without having to download the game itself. Once you go to Minecraftium, just click on Play Minecraft and the game will automatically load. Make sure you allow Java to run though, otherwise the game won’t work.

The game was basically about breaking and placing blocks in a 3D world. The game was created to have an experience where each individual in the game could do their own thing and unleash their creativity. The game was initially released as a developmental alpha version and later updates were added to the full version. Other than PC the game was released in iOS and Android. In the year 2012 the game was released in Xbox 360 and in PlayStation 3 and both the consoles editions were co-developed by 4J Studios. The game is soon to be ported to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One.

The building aspect of Minecraft allows the player to construct a procedural 3D world with the help of textured cubes. Other than building, the game has features of player versus player (PvP), crafting, and gathering resources at the same time. There were three principal modes; namely the survival mode, the creative mode, and Hardcore mode in which to play the game.

The survival mode is the place where the players are to acquire resources and keep an eye on their health and hunger. The creative mode is the place where there is unlimited source of supply and experience and players do not care about their health and hunger. The specialty of this mode is that they get the ability to fly in the game. The Hardcore mode is a much harder version of Survival mode. The features in this mode are almost the same, the only difference is that you will not respawn after dying, which means players have to delete their world as soon as they die in- game.


An Hour of Gaming a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

kids playing games

In a new study from Oxford University, researchers concluded that video games will be good for children if they play for an hour or so a day. The study revealed that kids who played several hours per week behaved better. For example, some were less annoying, didn't cause as much trouble, or became more empathetic towards others than those who didn't play games.

On the other hand, for those who played more than an hour a day, more negative effects started to appear. Fatigue, disobedience, lack of friendliness, and similar things were noticeable. I am assuming these are the addicted ones who play games to get away from reality, so they are generally less satisfied with their life.

One aim of this study is to resolve the myth that video games are bad for your children and promote violence. Parents probably would have just focused on the negative effects of prolonged gaming, so this may be all for naught. I think playing a few hours a week reduces stress and creates a healthy mind. Playing too much defaults the brain to hedonistic desires and video gaming addiction. It's not rocket science, yo.